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iPad Repairs

From keeping the kids entertained, to sending or monitoring business emails, iPads are relied on more and more. If you have an issue with yours, why not get it repaired instead of replacing it?

For iPad repairs in Glasgow, why not come direct to Broken LCD? We have been repairing these devices since their initial release, our techniques are always evolving with time, so you can be sure that your device will be repaired as possible at this time. A common complaint from customers is that the manufacturer doesn’t repair this item, and a replacement can be very expensive, get in touch for a quote on how much we charge to repair your device.

The digitiser is your main communication method. It’s also the most common part to become damaged through accidental drops and sometimes over time they can develop faults. A common for the screen to stop responding to touch all over, or to stop responding at certain points on the screen (dead spots). Another common issue for the iPad is the sensation of someone touch the screen when no one does.

Whatever the issue, we can diagnose the fault and replace the digitiser if necessary.

When you look at your iPad, the LCD is the part responsible for displaying your picture. This fragile part can become damaged from pressure, drops and impact. Some symptoms can be a green or red hue over the display, lines running up and down the screen, “bleeding ink” effect, missing segments from pictures, or a flash of light but no display when waking up or putting the iPad screen to sleep.

Whatever the trouble, this is something we can repair.

Virus slowing your computer down? Or maybe over the past year or so you’ve noticed things running slower and slower? We offer system restores to take you back to an “out the box” state, we perform all updates afterwards and can also offer memory upgrades to give you an extra boost. These services can cost a lot less than you expect, and with turnaround times ranging from the same day to one or two working days, we can get you back up and running in next to no time.

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